Frequently Asked Questions

Well it depends on many factors including how many people lives in the house, how many pets do you have in the house, if you are allergic to dust, if its a new build and there is still construction going around your house etc. Normally we do recommend 2 to 3 years is good time to do your duct cleaning.
Furnace Air Filters come with an arrow which says Air Flow on it. You should point arrow (air flow) towards the Furnace Unit.
When it comes to Furnace Filters, sometimes choosing a right filter gets very hard. Should I buy a cheap air filter and replace it quite often or should I buy an expensive filter and leave it in for long time? Should I purchase Washable Filters or should I buy Replacement Air Filters? So this is how it goes the higher the Merv Rating of the filter more dust particles it will capture but will have reduce air flow through the filter similarly the lower the Merv Rating it will capture less dust particles but will have better air flow through the filter.

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