What makes Duct Care Inc apart from the competitors is the Duct Cleaning Process. Our Duct Cleaning Process enables us to Meet or Exceeds NADCA Duct Cleaning Standards and Guidelines. We use the Best Duct Cleaning Tools and Duct Cleaning Procedure to make sure that our Customers get the Best Duct Cleaning Service Possible.

The best part about our Duct Cleaning Process is that our customers get to Watch Live on Camera as we Clean the Ducts so no more guess work that how much Dust you have in your Duct System. 

We use Air Pressure Gun to clean supply and return air vents. We also use Benefect Sanitizer to Disinfect the vents. After all the vents are cleaned its time for the MAGIC TOOL some call it Snake Agitation System some call it or Duct Cleaning Air Brush Tools or Duct Cleaning Brush and some call it Agitating Whips. 

We use the Snake Agitation System to Clean the main Supply and Return Duct Lines. This is where the FUN part comes in to Watch the Show as we hook up the camera so you can Watch Live Camera Duct Cleaning and see how much dust comes out or your Duct System.  

Our Step by Step Duct Cleaning Process:

  • We start with Thorough before and after Inspection of Duct System (HAVAC System).
  • We will then hook up the Truck Mounted Vacuum to Main Supply Duct Line to create Negative Air Pressure (Suction).
  • We will then start cleaning Supply Air Vents by using Air Pressure Gun.
  • We will Sanitize every Air Vent as we clean using Benefect Sanitizer.
  • After cleaning and sanitizing all the Supply Air Vents we will then Hook Up the Camera to the Main Duct Lines so you could Watch Live Duct Cleaning and see how much Dust Comes out off your Duct System.
  • We will Clean Main Supply Duct Lines by using  Snake Agitation Tools (Duct Cleaning Brushes, Duct Cleaning Whips, Duct Cleaning Scrapping Tools).
  • Once all the Supply Main Duct Lines are cleaned, we will then repeat the same Cleaning Process for Return Main Duct Lines cleaning the Cold Air Return Vents, Joist Lines and J-Channel.
  • We will do Furnace Blower Cleaning and AC Coils Cleaning (if purchased along with the Duct Cleaning Package).
  • We will do Air Balancing by  adjusting the dampers in Main Duct System if needed for Proper Air Flow throughout the house.
  • We will use Fogging Machine to Sanitize Complete Duct System using Benefect Sanitizer (if purchase along with the Duct Cleaning Package).
  • We will make sure that all the openings are properly sealed.
Take the Guess Work out and Watch it LIVE when we clean ducts with Camera
Through before and after inspection of HVAC system.
We will then hook up the vacuum to Main Supply Line to create negative air pressure.
We will then start cleaning supply vents using compressed air.
We will sanitize every vent.
After cleaning and sanitizing all the supply vents we will clean Main Supply lines using scrapping tools.
We will repeat the process for Return Duct Lines cleaning cold air registers, joist lines and J channel.
We will Clean Furnace Blower and AC Coil (if purchase along with duct cleaning)
We will then Balance the air by adjusting the dampers in duct system if needed.
We will use fogging machine to sanitize the whole duct system using Benefect (if purchase along with duct cleaning)
We will properly Seal all the openings.