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At Duct Care we provide professional Duct Cleaning service along with Furnace cleaning, AC Coils cleaning, Dryer Vent cleaning and Central Vacuum cleaning.

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Get Ready to Be Amazed

Contact Us and
Get Ready to Be Amazed

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At Duct Care We don’t do before and after pictures We Do LIVE Camera Duct Cleaning so you get to see how much Dust Comes out of your Duct System.

Our Unique Air Duct Cleaning Process allow us to meet or exceed NADCA Air Duct Cleaning procedure guide lines. From using pressure guns to different snake agitating whips and tools, not to only get the Duct Cleaning Done but get the Duct Cleaning Done Right every time.


Our Air Duct Cleaning process starts with cleaning the Supply and Return Vents with Air Pressure Gun. Once vents are all cleaned and sanitized we start cleaning main Duct Lines with our Snake Agitation Whips (Scrubbing Brushes) and this is where you get to Watch on Camera while we clean your main Duct Lines.


Furnace Cleaning is very important specially when you just did the renovations as there will be Dust Buildup in the Furnace Blower. With our Furnace Blower Cleaning Service we take care of the dust from Furnace Blower, Blower Motor and Furnace Compartment so dust does not circulate back in the Duct System.


AC Coils Cleaning is very important as depending on your HVAC layout you might have a lot of vents right above your Ac Coils which will cause dust and debris to drop on the Coils from the vents lines while cleaning. Also if you have recently did renovations that would be good idea to Clean your Ac Coils as well. With our Ac Coils Cleaning Service we Clean Ac Coils Fins, Coils Tray and Drain of the Coils.

Duct Cleaning in Bowmanville - Air Duct Filters

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We are insured and bonded and our quality service is backed with our 100% customer satisfaction.

Take the Guess Work out and watch it LIVE

While your Ducts get Cleaned

Duct Cleaning Deal # 1

$350 NOW $250 For Live Camera Duct Cleaning (Reg $350).


* Extra Vents over 20 will cost $10 per vent.

Duct Cleaning Deal # 2

$570 NOW $350 For Live Camera Duct Cleaning + Furnace Cleaning + AC Coils Cleaning (Reg $570).


* Extra Vents over 20 will cost $10 per vent.

Best Duct Cleaning company award for 2021 and 2022.

Our happy customers

Duct Cleaning Deal

Codey Joyner

UrbanAcres, LLC


“Ihsan and his employee were amazing! Upon booking the appt Ihsan walked me through the process, costs and additional options. Prior to arriving I received a call and a text to remind me of the service. They arrived within the timeframe and again walked me through the process. ”

Duct Cleaning Deal

Dash Sat


“Ihsan and his team were on time. Did a splendid job – showed me live dirt removal from HVAC. The amount of lint that came out of my dryer vent was astonishing. They did an amazing job. Even wore clean shoes for working inside the house. Gave recommendations on my HVAC and provided a lot of info. I am so glad to choose Duct Care. And more so the prices were the best I could find across the board”